Customer complaint Checking up, documenting, and solving the problems of our clients' customers. Actually doing the whole  complaint-handling activity in radio-field.
Benchmarking measurements Measuring a given territory with a predetermined density and method. Within its confines we can test the additional service providers' networks.
Testradiation Testradiation: Building a planned station temporary, and searching for effects to other networks, and looking for the best setting to reach the bigges...
Intermodulational measurements Measuring in car: continuous monitoring of the predetermined location or network parameter Benchmarking mobility: monitoring networks of single ser...


IntroductionLRAM Telecommunicational, Commercial and Service Provider Ltd. with its high-qualified team and equipment deals with doing accurate and reliable measurements for his clients.

Our experience and qualification ensures the opportunity, to do some measurements and test in connection with other mobile networks. In additon, thanks to our activity, after processing the measured datas, our partners have the opportunity to prepare statements relating to the single networkparameters, to recognise the status of networks, to compare the single service providers, and to follow up all changes.