Our history

Our historyMe and 2 of my colleagues have founded LRAM Telecommunicational, Commercial and Service Provider Ltd. in 2003 with the aim, that with our high-qualified team and equipment we can make accurate and reliable measurements for our clients.

Most of our experience and savvy did we gain as Pannon GSM employees. Following the outsourcing of measurement work we made shift to prove our efficiency under the new organization buildup.

At the beginning it ment employing 4, than 6 people. Thanks to our qualitative work, we brought in some changes in 2005. From that time we didn't only ensured the human power, but everything else necessary for the measuring work, except machines.

Thanks to our creditability the member of our procurers expanded with the Koonsys Ltd.

Our high-qualified engineer team proved a lot of times, so following the Pannon GSM G3 project we got the full measuring work. Thanks to the investments our clients did not have to wait more than 24 hours for the result of measurements.
Our experience and knowledge we could set the work day to day our customers' needs, which became profit for both of us. In october 2006 we made an arrangement with Siemens Austria within the confines of Hutchinson project.

Pursuant to our arrangement we spent 2 weeks on locations, they predestinated, doing the most various measurements. We both considered it as a test season. I can gladly say, closing this successful period technicians by siemens could make sure about our savvy. Finally we won the drive test work for indefinite season.

Nevertheless, opportunity for international orders came up, which is an evidence, we are on the right way.