TechnologyThank to our high-qualified, experienced technicians we gained full marks for our work from our hungarian partners. So did we won the Siemens project, too.

During our work we always try to do everything suitable to our customers' needs. We try to expand our colleagues' knowledge by professional courses (highscaler, IT and networking, computer-handling.) So we form our measurements in each case to fit to the customers' needs and the momentary work.

We can do it easily, thanks to the KeNé Ltd., which has made our carpark, so we can build in all kind of measuring machines into our cars. Next to these, an other suite-ingredient in our carfleet, to deploy antennas and precision tools necessary to doing professional measurements.

During our activity we gained experience using Swissqual 7.5, TEMS Investigation, and SAFCO. During 3G measurements our engineers acquired experience using Rohde&Schwarz Romes indicator.